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Business + Objectivity

What We Do

We offer a range of strategic management services, supported by the knowledge and executive experience accumulated over thirty years in business.  Our focus is to help organizations make objective business decisions.  We facilitate management’s continuous improvement efforts and provide a framework for evaluating alternative investment decisions, with due consideration of risk, feasibility and opportunity.

Specifically, we:

 - Create a framework to evaluate risk.

 - Assess investment alternatives and facilitate the decision making process..

 - Design processes to attain measure progress in the implementation of strategic goals.


Our Services

Investment Assessment:  we offer a disciplined approach to assessing capital investments, including scenario planning and risk evaluation.

Integrated Performance Management:  we design processes to monitor performance, quality, accountability and progress required to meet strategic goals.

Risk Management:  we provide a framework to measure risk, qualitatively and quantitatively, and facilitate decision making.

Planning, Forecasting and Budgetary Management:  we help management build systems and business processes to utilize up-to-date forward-looking information.


Who We Are

Vercerta is an independent management consulting practice offering objective and independent advice to our clients..

Founded in Edmonton, Alberta, we service clients across Canada.


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Twitter: @vercerta

Contact Us

Toronto: 416-421-1528                  Edmonton: 780-851-2058                 



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