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We work with small, medium & large companies on a B2B basis to help them find world class suppliers that have strong engineering, outstanding quality, excellent customer service & cost affective pricing.  We specialize in both plastic molding & machining as well as metal machining & metal fabrication.  Our 35 years of experience working in a variety of industries, means that we have cultivated some excellent relationships with customers & suppliers.  We can help fast track product design, engineering & provide finished & packaged product for industry or retailers alike.  We maximize your profits by finding you “the right fit” for your product(s) “right out of the gate”, whether you need new products designed, products tooled up, prototype, production components, product fulfillment & product presentations on your behalf to retailers.

Our expertise for sourcing via our large supply network, includes the following products or services:



  • Full 3D CAD Design of plastic parts, including 2D prints with tolerance

  • 3D plastic printed prototype samples

  • Building of tools: plastic injection molds, metal injection molds

  • Injection molding of plastics, ISO or TSA Approved (20 ton to 3,000 ton press capacity)

  • Machined plastic parts from plastic sheets or plastic slabs

  • Vac forming of plastic parts -packaging trays, housings, bases

  • Metal Injection Molding (MIM)

  • Compression Molding or rubber profile extrusions

  • Extruded pipe for plumbing or agriculture (from 1 inch to 5 inch diameter)

  • Fabricated clear acrylic or polycarbonate shrouds for production lines or displays



  • Full 3D CAD design & engineering drawings for metal parts

  • Direct Metal Laser Sintered parts built without, built directly from 3D CAD models in 3 days

  • 3, 4 & 5 axis production machining of precision metal parts (small to very large volume parts)

  • Wire bending & Metal Tube forming

  • Sheet metal forming used on industrial housings & conveyors

  • Welding (MIG, TIG, Laser) of aluminum, steel & stainless steel products

  • Full fabrication, welding & final painting of sub-assemblies or assemblies



  • We design/consult & build to upgrade production lines &/or create new automation cells for increased hourly output


For more information, please contact:

Tom Hurley / President: 

Cell: (905) 699-2910


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