Bringing Transparency and Trust to the Ontario Energy Marketplace



GOenergy facilitates the business of bringing energy to companies by arranging transportation, storage, hedging, scheduling and every other requirement to facilitate the sale of natural gas and electricity in Ontario.


We help mid-sized companies understand their energy expenses. Clarity allows our clients to obtain transparent and low cost natural gas and electricity supply.


Our GOenergy natural gas program is unique to the energy supply industry:


  • No up-front fee

    • As a free service, GOenergy will review your natural gas costs and recommend if, and when, you should join the GOenergy program. If the program is not right for you, you can keep the valuable information gained at no cost to you.

  • Short-term agreements

    • There is no minimum amount of time to be part of the GOenergy program. Our agreements allow you to start and end gas supply from GOenergy at any time subject to utility timeline requirements.

  • Save money


We want you as a GOenergy client only if you are saving money. We will let you know the difference between our price and the utility price before you are enrolled. That way you know the benefit of the GOenergy program.

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